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Christian Apologetic Links and Other Resources

Apologetics:  Academy of Christian Apologetics audio lectures by Craig, Plantinga, Moreland, & Geivitt.
Apologetics: Alpha and Omega Ministries
Apologetics: American Catholic Philosophical Association
Apologetics: Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Apologetics: Answering Infidels
Apologetics: Answers in Action
Apologetics: Apologetics 315
Apologetics: Apologetics Index
Apologetics: Apologetics Information Ministry - Craig Hawkins radio program
Apologetics: - Trinity College of Florida & the C. S. Lewis Fellowship  
Apologetics: Apologia - Foundation for European Apologetics
Apologetics: Apologetics Resource Center

Apologetics: Barna Group
Apologetics: Behind the Badge - Apologetics from a Sherriff's Deputy
Apologetics: Bethany Central
Apologetics: Bethinking

Apologetics:  C.S. Lewis Institute
Apologetics: C.S. Lewis Review
Apologetics: CADRE (Christian Colligation of Apologetics Debate Research & Evangalism)
Apologetics: Center for Biblical Apologetics - Rob Bowman's ministry website.
Apologetics:  Christian Apologetics and Research
Apologetics: CARM: Christian Apologetics & Research Ministries   
Apologetics: Christian Thinktank
Apologetics: Come Reason, Lenny Esposito
Apologetics: Contend For The Faith 
Apologetics: Contradiction in the Bible: Cleared-up

Apologetics: Dare Connexions Resources for college students. John Bowen of Wycliffe College.
Apologetics: Does God Exist by John N Clayton
Apologetics: Doxa
Apologetics: Dr. Ravi Zacharias Ministries   

Apologetics: The Errant Skeptics Research Institute
Apologetics: Evidence for

Apologetics: Faith Defenders, Dr. Robert Morey
Apologetics: For An Answer Organization. Apologists Bible Commentary
Apologetics: Francis Schaeffer: L’Abri 
Apologetics: Francis Schaeffer: Rational Pi: The Shelter

Apologetics: Gary Habermas: Online Resource

Apologetics: Impact Apologetics- Christian Audio Sermon Store
Apologetics: Institute of Biblical Defense  Dr. Phil Fernandes.
Apologetics: Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute

Apologetics: Josh McDowell Ministeries 

Apologetics: Leaderu
Apologetics: Legacy of Truth Ministries

Apologetics:  Miami Christian University Virtual Library

Apologetics: Norman Geisler Ministry

Apologetics: Rapid Response Report: Defending Historic Christianity in a PostModern World   
Apologetics: Rational Christianity Network
Apologetics: Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Apologetics: Reasonable Faith: Dr. William Lane Craig
Apologetics: Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries  A Scottish apologetics ministry
Apologetics: Reasons to Believe Hugh Ross's organization
Apologetics: Ron Carlson Ministries
Apologetics: RTB Volunteer Apologists

Apologetics: Sean's (Choi) Christian Apologetics Page
Apologetics: Society of Christian Philosophers
Apologetics: Stand To Reason - radio program of Greg
Apologetics: Summit Ministries Leadership seminars for high school students.
Apologetics: Sword & Spirit Ministries

Apologetics: Teen Oriented Apologetics links
Apologetics: Tekton Apologetics Ministries 
Apologetics: The Crossroads Project Postmodern apologetics
Apologetics: The Philo Trust
Apologetics: Trinity Foundation

Apologetics: Veritas Forum A forums for campuses.

Apologetics:  You God Loves

Apologetics: Watchman Fellowship
Apologetics: WindowView Org


Associations: Christian Medical Fellowship-

Audio: Lectures: Focus on the Family Radio  
Audio: Lectures:  Institute of Biblical Defense 
Audio: Lectures:  One Place
Audio: Lectures:  Preach the Word 
Audio: Lectures:  Preaching Today
Audio: Lectures: SermonAudio
Audio: Lectures:  Sermon Net
Audio: Lectures: Stand to Reason
Audio: Lectures: Trinity Foundation Lectures MP3 lectures ranging from economics, philosophy.
Audio: Lectures:  United Church of God
Audio: Lectures: Veritas Forum
Audio: Lectures: Walter Martin InfoNet the original Bible Answer Man.


Audio: UCTV: University of California Television. Not Christian produced.
Audio: The Connection Religion Archives Boston's NPR
Audio: Islamic: IslamiCity Media


Bible:  Search Gods Word 
Bible: Sword and Spirit
Bible: Musem of Biblical History
Bible: Biblical Training - Various
Bible: Rational Christianity Net  Online Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, reference materials
Bible: Reasons Org. Free Bible Study Tools
Bible: Truth Saves Org

Blog: Mark D Roberts

Archer, Gleason. Encyclopedia of Biblical Difficulties. Grand Rapids, Baker, 1982

Archer, Gleason. Encyclopedia of Biblical Difficulties. Grand Rapids, Baker, 1982

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Case for the Christian Worldview
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Wright, N.T.   Simply Christian

Yamauchi, Edwin M. Jesus Zoroaster Buddha Socrates Muhammad. Downers Grove, IL: Inter-Varsity Press, 1972.
Culture: For culture and arts links, go to the Civilization Page.

Education:  Biola University: Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics
Education: DNA: Mission Trips
Education: Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics
Education: Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

Festival:  Soul Survivor British Event
Festival: Cornerstone: Ill

Foundations: Gospel Outreach Ministries Online
Foundations: McKenzie Study Center A multi-faceted Bible educational & worldview
Foundations: Meekness and Truth Ministries"Equipping Others to Reach Many"

General: Christian Research Institute
General: General Christian Resources

Inspirational: Desiring God Ministries - John Piper
Inspirational: Truth for Life - Alistair Begg

Journal: Christianity Today
Journal: Evangelical Philospical Society
Journal: First Things: A Journal of Religion and Public Life

LINKS : Apologetics Audio An selection of lectures and debates gathered by Jeff Downs.
Apologetics: Apologetics Links

Ministries: Damaris International
Ministries: New Wine: Local Churches Changing Nations

Organizations: Faculty Commons: Where Professors Are Changing the World
Organizations: Christian Research Institute
Organizations: European Evangelical Alliance
Organizations: European Leadership Forum
Organizations: Evangelical Alliance UK
Organizations: International Fellowship for International Students
Organizations: Jews for Jesus
Organizations: London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)
Organizations: Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)

Politics: Breakpoint -Chuck Colson
Politics: Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy Dr. John Warwick Montgomery.
Faith and Philosophy. The Journal of the Society of Christian philosophers.
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Carries mostly articles on biblical studies and theology, but some material on apologetics
Philosophia Christi. Journal of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.
Religious Studies.

Publishers: Chick Publications
Publishers: InterVarsity Press


Religion: Answering Islam: A Christian-Muslim Dialog
Religion:: Apolgetics Index  focused on various cultic systems

Religion: CARM Slick (also good material on various cults)

Religion: Ex-Mormons for Jesus
Religion:  Ex Mormons: Why many have left the Mormon church.

Religion: Freedom from Mormonism, Inc.
Religions: Free Minds: A non-profit organization studying Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses).

Religion: Institute for Biblical Apologetics IBA

Religion:   Jehovah's Witnesses - Opening the Closed Mind: Tools

Religion: Mormonism Research Ministry - Bill McKeever's ministry to Mormons

Religions: Mormonism Exposed: Tools for witnessing to the Mormon
Religions: The Mormonism Research Ministry: Challenging the Latter-day Saints since 1979.
Religion: The Muslim-Christian Debate

Religion:  Order of Former Freemasons

Religion:  Personal Freedom Outreach

Religion: Spiritual Counterfeits Project

Religion:  Watchman Fellowship Term, definitions and resource pages. The Index of Cults and Religions.

Religions: Utah Lighthouse Ministry: Compare LDS doctrines with Christianity


Religions: World: Harun Yahya Muslim Apologist's Evidence of God  
Religions: World: Rational Christinity links

Resource: Campus Crusade for Christ International
Resource: Christian Answers Network 
Resources: Blue Letter Bible
Resources: Christian Classics Ethereal Library Public domain books by great Christian authors.
Resources: Christian Research Institute / Equip
Resources: Christian Resources
Resources: Crosswalk  
Resources: A Community of Online Ministries
Resources: Lifeway Biblical Solutions for Life
Resources: Probe Ministries
Resources: Topical resource.


Science: Access Research Network - ID work of Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe and others
Science: Affiliation of Christian Biologists
Science: Affiliation of Christian Geologists  
Science: American Scientific Affiliation
Science:  Answers in Genesis
Science: Astrophysical Journal - The Astrophysical Journal, and The Astronomical Journal.

Science: BBC News - Sci/Tech   

Science: Center for Research in Science (CRIS) - Azusa Pacific University defends faith and science.
Science:  Creation Evidence Museum-Carl Baugh
Science: Creation Research Society
Science: Creation Science Evangelism-Kent Hovind

Science: Detecting Design
Science: Discovery Institute T V & Radio Interviews with CSC Fellows.
Science: The Doorway Papers of Arthur Custance

Science: GENESIS FOUNDATION  Dr. Robert Gange, research engineer
Science: Glen Kuban's Web Sites - Carl Baugh’s claim of contemporaneous dinosaur and human.
Science: God & Science Org

Science: Harvard Abstract Archive - Search engine of scientific abstracts from journals

Science: IDEA: Intelligent Design & Evolution Awareness Center
Science:  IDEA Center Center for Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness.
Science: Institute of Biblical and Scientific Studies Dr. Stephen Meyers
Science:  Institute for Creation Research  (ICR)
Science:  Intelligent Design Network origins and intelligent design.
Science: Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute Dr. Robert Newman
Science: International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design

Science: Lord, I Believe - challenges naturalism and religion
Science: Lorence G. Collins Christian Geologist

Science: NASA -  science news from NASA.
Science: Nature - Registration allows you free access to abstracts
Science: - Intelligent Design and old-earth creationism articles.
Science: No Answers in Genesis

Science : Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy
Science: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Abstracts of current and back issues.

Science:The Secular Web
Science: Society for Neuroscience Magazine
Science: Science Daily - THE source for science news stories.
Science: Scirus Search Engine - powerful science-specific search; journal abstracts, terms and news.
Science: - Huge astronomy and SETI site.
Science : Space Telescope Electronic Information Service

Science: The Talk Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy
Science: True Origin Org
Science: The Discovery Institute – Interdisciplinary Intelligent Design Research Center

Science: William Paley's Natural Theology Online University of Michigan

Science : Yahoo Headlines - Daily space and science news.


Sexuality: National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality  Non-religious scientific organization.

Theology: Ankerberg Theological Research Institute  
Theology: Augustine Fellowship Study Center A non-profit organization teaching classical Christian theism.
Theology: Ligonier Ministries - Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul.

Email Carnival Sage to announce apologetic events scheduled in the Northern Indiana area.
a- Ancilla Domini College – Donaldson (Lampen Lecture)
a- Anderson University – Anderson (Newell Lectures)
a- Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries – Elkhart (Theological Lectureship)
a- Ball State University – Muncie (Philosophy & Religous Studies)
a- Bethel College – Mishawaka (Religion & Philosphy Lectures)
a- Bioloa University on the Road
a- Butler University – Indianapolis (Woods Lecture Series)
a- Calumet College of Saint Joseph (Religious Studies Program)
a- Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis
a- DePauw University – Greencastle (Ubben Lecture Series)
a- Earlham College – Richmond (Jackson Bailey Memorial Lecture)
a- Evangelical Philosophical Society
a- Franklin College – Franklin (Public Lectures)
a- Goshen College – Goshen (Annual Lecture Series & Conferences)
a- Grace College: Lyceum Series, Winona Lake, IN
a- Holy Cross College – Notre Dame (Lectures)
a- Huntington University – Huntington (Forester Lecture)
a- Indiana State University – Terre Haute (Study Of Health, Religion, And Spirituality)
a- Indiana University Bloomington – Bloomington (open lectures)
a- Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis – Indianapolis
a- Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne – Fort Wayne (Omnibus Lecture Series)
a- Indiana University South Bend – South Bend
a- International Society of Christian Apologetics
a- Manchester College – North Manchester
a- Marian College – Indianapolis (Public Lectures)
a- Oakland City University – Oakland City (Public Lecture)
a- Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
a- Purdue University – West Lafayette
a- Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN
a- Saint Mary's College – Notre Dame
a- Saint Meinrad College & Seminary – Saint Meinrad
a- Society of Christian Philosophers
a- Taylor University – Upland (Center for the study of C.S. Lewis)
a- University of Indianapolis - Indianapolis
a- University of Notre Dame: Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture
a- University of Saint Francis, Ft.Wayne, IN (See Public Lecture Series)
a- Valparaiso University – Valparaiso
a- Wabash College – Crawfordsville



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